Health Information

When we are going through a particularly difficult time, we can often neglect our physical and mental health. However it is important to seek medical help via your GP surgery if you need it. If you are able to be open with your doctor or health professional, it can help you to receive the most effective treatment and support. Remember all NHS services are confidential.

You can access information about health or local healthcare by attending your local GP surgery or by visiting

Information on family planning/sexual health services can be found by visiting

Mental Health

Staying mentally healthy isn’t just about treating illness – far from it! There are lots of things we can do to help prevent ourselves getting ill in the first place, for example:

  • talking about our feelings
  • keeping active
  • eating well
  • drinking sensibly
  • keeping in touch with friends and loved ones
  • getting professional help

For more information visit or speak to your GP.

Sexual Health

Sexual wellbeing is not just about the absence of disease or unintended pregnancy, but encompasses the positive aspects of relationships and sexuality.

You can get information on sexual health from your GP surgery, health visitor or a sexual health clinic. You can make an appointment at your nearest clinic by calling the NHS Sexual Health Department on 01294 323228.

Information is also available on

Who Can You Speak To?

You could speak to your GP or contact an organisation with trained counsellors who can help you:

Freephone 0800 056 8181 

This is a confidential listening, support and information helpline for anyone who is feeling anxious or distressed, or is experiencing an emotional crisis. The service is open from 7pm – 11pm on Monday to Friday and 11am – 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Breathing Space 
Freephone: 0800 83 85 87

This is a confidential phone-line you can call if you’re feeling down or stressed.It’s open from 6pm till 2am in the morning. You can talk things over with an advisor who will listen to you and try to help prevent your problems getting worse. They can offer you advice and suggest local people who can help you with specific problems. Calls to this number won’t show up on your phone bill, and calls from some mobile networks, including Virgin, Orange and “3”are free. You may be charged for calls from other mobile networks.

NHS 24
Phone 08454 24 24 24

You can call this number at any time if you would like information or advice on any health issue, including depression or mental health problems. They can tell you the best people to get support from and how to get in touch with them.

How You May Have Coped?

Sometimes you can try to cope using other methods, such as self-medication. Although you may feel better in the short-term, it can damage your health for the long-term.

For any of the reasons below, you can get information from or support from your GP: